Click Here to Donate! (NOT READY YET)

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Click Here to Donate! (NOT READY YET) Empty Click Here to Donate! (NOT READY YET)

Post  MultiAznGamer on Sat Feb 18, 2012 12:07 am

Warning - I Am not responsible if you get in trouble for donating (Don't Ask Why I said this Razz)

Soooo, Yall wanna donate huh? Well Go ahead!
Goto this link, choose the amount of payment, press update total, And login, Donate!
[url=]Click Here To Donate![/url]

Here's what you get for donating!

  • Anywhere Lower than 4.99
    A MiniDonator rank and Trust!
  • 4.99 Or higher
    A Donator rank and Alot of trust
  • 9.99 Or higher
    A LargeDonator rank, Tons Of Trust, And A MiniDonator Pack (32 Diamonds, 2 Stacks of Iron, 15,000 Bucks)
  • 14.99 Or higher
    A MegaDonator rank and ZOMGMILLION's of trust (It's a Real Number Very Happy) (Full online Support, Access to Region Commands,Same as MiniDonator, But 30,000 Bucks)
  • 19.99 Or higher
    A UberDonator Rank and Infinity Trust! (Same Thing As MegaDonator, But With Instant mod Razz, and 100,000 Bucks)


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